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South East Asia Quality Education Foundation Introduction

SEAQEF believes that education can change man’s quality of life.  Studying education from the Creator’s wisdom empowers a person’s life, enhances family harmony, improves moral of society and strengthens a nation’s well-being. Therefore, quality education makes a better world for everyone to live in.  This is the intent of the Creator God. 

SEAQEF sets up the first center in the Philippines where students can come and learn quality education in its onsite facility or by joining the class through online.   Together with the foundational support of the Church, God’s people can continue to train for the teaching ministry. 

As for the faith of the family of believers, SEAQEF assumes the responsibility of teaching children, by assisting the parents to build them up through systematic, purpose- driven and Biblical education so they can grow up fully- prepared for the world at hand.

In adult education, SEAQEF trains them by making disciples for Christ who will build God’s kingdom.  We believe that life’s major issues can be solved by learning solutions from the Creator’s way, through biblical perspective.  We trust that disciples of Christ can be thoroughly equipped with Godly purpose which will enable him to fulfill personal and family responsibilities, to create order and harmony in their environment and to manage the resources God gives to His people. 

With regular interaction and enthusiastic engagement with young people, we will intentionally train them to lead the future, especially in Church which is God’s household.  We commit to teach the youth to have the ability to evangelize, to teach, and to lead the next generation of Christians.  It is our goal to see them more filled with energy, built in God’s love, until fully- charged to submit to God’s will and ultimately do His work.  

The education courses specially designed to build up Jesus disciples are found in our training classes, either in person or online. It is ideal for teachers, pastors, parents, and all people who have conviction to shift to God’s way of education. 

Quality education teaches from the Creator’s way.  Each class will have a small group format to encourage student participation and is therefore beyond the traditional method of solely listening to the teacher. Rather, each session promotes interaction, with only one language and without foreign translation, to effectively meet the goal of the course.  It is either in English or Chinese, or Tagalog where the language is bridged to understanding and never a hindrance to student’s comprehension. Class participation and reflection reports are a requirement in the completion of each course.  (You may browse our list of courses and find out which ones you need to take).          

Jesus gave the disciples a mission:  to make disciples of all nations and teach them to obey everything as God has commanded (Matthew 28).  SEAQEF, therefore, commits all our hearts in building God’s Church, by doing the work of evangelism and education.  We whole-heartedly welcome you to join us, as we together respond to the call of God, from the islands to the nations.  

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